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All tickets must be booked in advance as there is limited waiting space available at the theatre
in order to allow guests the purest experience.
Please contact us with any questions :
or by phone at 651-772-2253

Tickets must be booked online 24 hours in advance!!!
If you book your tickets with less notice, there may not be anyone at the theatre when you arrive.

Once you pay for your tickets, you will not receive anything other than an e-ticket.
The Mounds Theatre is using a new ticketing service, please be aware that there is a $2.50 service charge per ticket.

Dates and times available are below the guidelines.
Please read through the guidelines before you purchase a ticket.

Ticket Guidelines

All ticket sales are final.
Your ticket allows you entry for a specified date & time slot.
Any exchanges are based on availability.
Tours are one (1) hours or three (3) hours in length & include a fifteen (15) minute session as a group with the ghost box.
Tour Groups consist of 20 guests and 2 guides. Group size is average, maybe be more or less
As this is a real haunted location, we regret to advise we do not allow young children on the tour, over 15's only.

PLEASE WEAR SENSIBLE SHOES - no high heels - there are STAIRS which we navigate in near darkness.

As tempting as it is to indulge in spirits before you meet the spirits, please do not drink heavily before your tour for safety reasons.

Feel free to bring your own camera, digital or analog voice recorder or video camera (you will need a nightshot/night-vision function for your video camera). Our guides will be happy to give you tips and answer questions on how to ghost hunt!


While paranormal activity has been documented regularly at the Mounds Theatre, we do not guarantee you will have any experience or capture any evidence. As such we need to advise that these tours are for entertainment purposes only.


Would you like to host the Real Haunted Tours at your historic & haunted location?
Contact us at to discuss.

All dates & times below are in 2014

Thoughout October


Tours this year will be lead by paranormal investigator Lisa Lea

(Sal and Mia will not be leading tours for the 2014 season due to scheduling conflicts)

Tours will be October 3 - Nov 1 - every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm - 11 pm.


$20 per person - 1 hour (tour times may stagger if there is any run-over, but you will get a full hour regardless of start time - please plan accordingly)
No refunds unless tour is cancelled by RHT.

October 28th & 30th


Due to demand we will be running two of the 3 hour free-roam sessions on the 28th and 30th of October - starting at 7pm you will have 3 hours without guidance to have your own ghost hunt - RHT guides Sal and Mia will be on hand to answer questions, but otherwise this will be your time!

Tickets are $40 for the three hours - due to the short notice we have split the cost for ease of booking - $20 to be paid online in advance as non-refundable reservation, and $20 to be paid at the door (cash or credit). Visit our online ticket booking to reserve your spot now.




You help make these fundraising tours a success, over the last few years you have kept the theatre doors open and helped us provide summer programs for local kids.


Conduct Guidelines

Whilst you wait
The historic Mounds Theatre is a real haunted location, not a novelty haunted house. It is located in a residential neighborhood and as such we request that any guests waiting for their tour to begin please be respectful of our neighbors and not make a lot of noise.

On the tour
Once again, the historic Mounds Theatre is a real haunted location, not a novelty haunted house. As such the walls will not be bleeding, nor will any of the guides' heads start spinning. However, regardless of your own experience, please be respectful of other guests' beliefs and experience and do not disrupt the tour. Whilst we welcome skeptics and encourage thoughtful debunking of theories and evidence, please do keep your voice low and look out for people who are trying to do EVP, video or photographic work.
We will have security staff on hand, and reserve the right to ask disruptive guests to leave the premises - No refunds will be given in such an event.

Our goal is to allow you the best opportunity to capture your own evidence and enjoy your visit with us.
Please help us with that and be respectful and mindful of other guests on the tours while you wait and while you're on your tour!

Thank you and happy hunting!