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The below photographs are just a very small sample of the evidence collected at the Mounds Theatre over the last 8 years. Many paranormal groups have investigated there as well, including members of the TAPS team.

Video evidence

One of our "residents" plays with a tour guest by turning flashlights on and off by request. These are twist on/off flasshlights.

EVP evidence

EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena - is when a voice or voices are recorded and it is known that the person speaking was not there. For example, 2 men talking, and a woman say's her name. No women were there when the men were talking, but a woman's voice was still recorded. That would be an EVP.

The following are EVP recordings made by tour guests. We have tried to be brief in describing what's on the file so that you can make your own mind up about what is being said. No children were present during the recordings below. Links will open in a new window.


Listen around :32 seconds for a childs voice. This recording was made in the basement.


A scream is heard audibly and caught on tape, this recording was made in the projection room.


This one is complex, listen for a sing-song voice and a child responding, a conversation between an unseen woman and child seems to occure while tour guests were talking about the batteries on their camera draining.


This recording was made on the stage, 3 people were rolling a ball around, and there were 2 others up by the alcove. There is a 4th voice on the stage.


This possible EVP was sent to us by Kim - listen for the repeated whisper toward the end which seems to be in response to discussion and questions about a doll for Mary. What do you hear?

Did you catch any evidence on your tour? Please feel welcome to send it to us! We will be happy to add your photo, video or EVP evidence to this page, and credit you if you like. We only credit by first names to ensure your privacy. Email your evidence to: